Private Lessons

Studying with an accomplished teacher will ensure you are continually motivated and inspired to achieve your musical goals.  As a teacher, I will observe your musicianship in focusing on your artistic interests and musical strengths to develop  weaker aspects of your performance.  I always stress fundamentals of music theory and technique, but we will use these tools to encourage and nurture your individual voice and creativity.  As a professional, I run into musicians and singers frequently who are unbalanced.   Either they're super creative, but lack skill, technique and theoretical training, or they're the opposite;  they are well trained, but lack individual creativity.

I have the solution to this problem, and studying with me will give you a balanced ability artistically and professionally.  After an initial diagnostic lesson, we will agree on a customized lesson plan that will target your goals over time, so your growth can be measured.  You will see the fruit of your hard work immediately, if we stick to the plan and adjust along the way as needed.  If you are serious about growing musically to become a proficient musician, please contact me to discuss lessons.

I offer voice, piano, bass, and drum lessons.  Lessons prices began at a rate $1/minute.  I will travel to you for convenience, and will add a $10 commuting fee to travel more than 20 miles.

Clinics and Master Classes

Mista Lamont has presented a profusion of workshops throughout North America and Europe facilitating engaging presentations on Music Business, Music Performance, Jazz Improvisation, Modern Drumming, and Contemporary Methods for your Music Classroom.  If you are interested in inviting me to present at your conference, please contact me for more information.